I began my career with a dream job...


Gareth Paul Jones is a London-based multidisciplinary designer, passionate art collector, music producer, and founder of Gareth Paul Jones Studio.

A huge passion for music and design led to an opportunity straight from University to work in-house for LTJ Bukem and Good Looking Records. They say don't meet your heroes, but in early 2000 I met LTJ and his business partner Tony Fordham for a series of interviews, finally landing a design position working alongside the super-talented Nick Purser, who had previously studied at my University in Bucks. The label was at the cutting edge of the drum n bass and dance music scene at the time so it offered me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The role was a baptism of fire as I finally had to learn the ropes of delivering high-quality design, on time and into print and production (something Uni certainly hadn't prepared me for). During this time I quickly learned the art of sleeve design, print, artist & live event photography while looking after the label's website, merchandise range, and all event promotions for their ongoing tours around the world. 

After an incredible 4 and a half years it was time to move on. I headed for the bright lights of London to Stunning (sister agency of the notorious Cunning Stunts) alongside my previous Head of Design, Nick Purser. Together we produced work for the music, entertainment, and luxury industry whilst supporting Cunning Stunts on various campaigns and projects. We were a small team, with a strong bond and worked on some incredible projects, whilst embracing the buzzing creative community in and around Clerkenwell. Unfortunately, the studio didn't perform as well as expected so Stunning was folded in late 2005, and we all went out separate ways. 

It was a shock at the time, but opportunity knocks and I'm a strong believer in fate. My uncle, Anthony Waye, is a renowned film producer and heard I was looking for a new venture. Having spent much of his career working in and around the home of British Film, he kindly put some opportunities my way at Pinewood Studios. Film and poster design in particular had always been another huge passion of mine, so I was beyond excited to see where things might lead. I interviewed for the James Bond artwork department at Pinewood, which was potentially an amazing opportunity but the head of artwork and design essentially told me they didn’t need any more help at the time. It was a blow but another meeting eventually led to a unique opportunity to work on designs for a new production of Captain Scarlet by Gerry Anderson’s Anderson Entertainment. It was a truly unique opportunity and proved to be a great launch pad leading to a few successful years of freelancing. During this freelance phase, I also worked directly for a number of marketing agencies, PR agencies, and music labels.

It was around this time I was then approached by Jake Morris (previously of Cunning) to take over from the outgoing Head of Design at experiential agency pd3. A month’s freelance quickly led to 10 incredible years that saw the agency expand and evolve, in time becoming a full-service creative agency. Along the way, I oversaw all design output and managed an ever-changing team of designers and freelancers. Together we produced award-winning work for household brands like O2, Lacoste, Sony, and Victorinox. It was an invaluable period as I learned all areas of running a creative apartment from the top down, something the founder Paul Tully was keen to instill in everyone that worked at the agency.

It’s never easy to walk away from a good thing, but in the Summer of 2006, the time had come for the next chapter. So after an incredible time at pd3, I decided to set up my own studio. I feel now this is how I was always meant to work. So in a sense, I have my dream job back.

The Studio.

Gareth Paul Jones Studio is an independent multidisciplinary Design Studio based in London, that creates well-thought, beautiful design.

We are a full-service creative studio working across art direction, brand identity, creative direction, print, digital, spacial & motion – whatever is needed to bring your brand story to life.

The studio has a number of long-standing 'Creative Partnerships' with specialist designers and creative thinkers, which allow us to handle small to large-scale projects and campaigns as required.

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The Studio

Creative Space

Gareth Paul Jones Studio is currently based at Mainyard Studios in the heart of Hackney Wick. A hotbed of independent creatives and businesses; working within a fast-changing environment that is embracing positive change in East London.


We take environmental impact seriously, and as an independent studio ensure we have a small carbon footprint. We support the great work that Mossy Earth does, and when we do any print work for clients we collaborate with the guys at Generation Press, who have a strong focus on environmental impact within print. 

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Gareth Paul Jones Studio is an independent multidisciplinary London-based Design Studio, that creates well-thought, beautiful design.

2nd Floor, Main Yard Studios, 

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